Hi, I'm Delilah

  • Female
  • 3 years old

I often hear the humans at GAP call me words like ‘gentle’ and ‘sweet’, I’m not exactly sure what they mean but I think it means I’m the very best greyhound ever and should have no problems at all finding my forever family. Hmmm … what can I tell you about me? Well, I enjoy spending time in the play yards at GAP. I love paddling in the little pool and even laying down for a soak if the sun is out. Like all my long legged friends I enjoy a good zoom around, I like running really fast so my tongue falls out of my mouth! I don’t need much exercise and, after my run, I’m quite content to lay down on my bed for some me time.

I’m not very interested in toys, I prefer to entertain myself with a good run or join you on a walk. I’ve been told by the volunteers at our kennels that I have great leash manners, honestly I don’t see the point in pulling or making a fuss. I think I’d like a friend in my new home, maybe another dog to keep me company while my family is at work? Or, if you’re more of a home body I’d be happy for the two of us to spend our days together. I’ve not lived with mini-humans yet, but I think I’d enjoy a home with children. I promise to stay calm and be super gentle with them, it’s kind of my default setting after all.

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