Hi, I'm Pringle

  • Male
  • 4 years old

I’m pretty big for a greyhound, the biggest in the GAP kennels at the moment in fact! I’m also a firm believer that bigger is better, so that makes me the best dog currently available. Guess that means you have to adopt me hey?

I really like getting cuddles from people and will often ask for a pat whenever someone walks past my kennel. Demanding cuddles, while an incredibly alluring trait, is also kind of selfish on my part. You see I love it when you scratch that spot right behind my ear, it’s one of the few places my lanky legs can’t reach!

I get on well with the dogs here at GAP and would be okay living with an existing dog or fine as the only dog as well. I’ve even been walked past the cat enclosure too and didn’t react very much to their smells and fluffy tails so I think I’d be okay living with feline friends (providing you introduce me to them and help me learn).

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