There are some wonderful sites that speak of Greyhound Adoption throughout the world. If you know of anymore fantastic sites please contact us.

Australian and New Zealand Adoption Programs

Sponsors of GAP WA

  • BAYER Animal Health provides Bayer Advocate for all greyhounds adopted through Greyhounds As Pets.

Supporters of GAP WA

  • PUPi offers a free 4 week training course to all GAP Greyhounds
  • Jet Pets is simply the best way to travel with your pet. Jet Pets offers Greyhounds As Pets very competitive rates on all intrastate and interstate travel.
  • Pet Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation that finds new homes for lost and abandoned pets.

Helpful Information

  • Dog Kingdom is the perfect place for all things greyhound from collars to first aid to Christmas Cards to stickers.
  • Simply Grey is a celebration of all things greyhound from athlete to retired athlete.
  • Pet Place for information on behaviour and training
  • Flying Dog Press for information on behaviour and training
  • Love My Pet
  • Canine Foster Care for information on groups seeking foster carers
  • Petography Pet Photography for the animal lovers of Perth, Western Australia

Facts and Trivia

Top Reason #6 to Adopt: They are never confused for a poodle or a chihuahua.