1. Testimonial 1: SANDY – Koko Queen
  2. Testimonial 2: TOMMY – Stud Poker
  3. Testimonial 3: DOLLY – Minnesota Doll
  4. Testimonial 4: DEVIL – Very Frank
  5. Testimonial 5: DESTINY – Crazy Critter
  6. Testimonial 6: DASH – DNR
  7. Testimonial 7: Libby & Brenda

SANDY – Koko Queen

Dog Name

My greyhound adoption of Sandy is a heart-warming story, similar to most reader’s rescue dog experiences, except that mine happened to be an international adoption. Adopting internationally took some doing, but Sandy finally arrived in Malaysia 6 months ago and with Tammara’s recent visit to Malaysia, I was inspired to write this article for GAP to acknowledge the effort and enthusiasm the GAP staff put into this most wonderful adoption. Last night, as I sat mesmerized by Sandy’s gaze, I felt absolutely intoxicated by the miracle of Sandy and just how lucky I was that she found her way into my household.

My adoption process started in the most random and unlikely way when I made an on-line order for a Martingale collar for my Whippet last year. I thought the dog in the photo was an oversized Whippet as I had never seen a greyhound before. After inquiring and discovering the dog in the photo was a greyhound, I started researching greyhounds on the internet just to ‘see’ what they were about.

With 9 dogs already in my household I wasn’t considering an adoption at all. But when I came across GAP Western Australia, I was so impressed with the website that I found myself visiting the site every day. I was hooked. Readers will recognize the same point I arrived at when I sat down at my computer and wrote my first inquiry to adopt from GAP. That same day I received a response that Kerry was off to some greyhound convention and Tammara wouldn’t be in the office until Thursday. That night I received a lovely note from Tammara asking whether I was willing to go ahead as exportation fees could be quite prohibitive.

I was definitely willing to go ahead. I was visiting the GAP website every day looking at the dogs and realized that I wouldn’t be satisfied until I saw this through. My next email from Tammara made me cool my jets a little bit as I realized that it might be easier and faster to adopt a child instead of a greyhound. But I loved the fact that there were vigorous standards in place. In Malaysia, I live near the SPCA and it is disturbing to me the number of dogs that are returned because their owners felt that the dogs were not a good fit. With 9 other dogs at home, I was happy that Tammara put so much effort into making sure the greyhounds were matched up with their potential adopters. It took some time, and although I was constantly in touch with Tammara over the next few weeks it seemed like ages until a good ‘fit’ was found.

I got all excited when Tammara sent me news of a potential dog, and then she just as quickly told me sorry but that one just won’t work out! As much as I’d fallen in love with pictures of the dog, Tammara tested it and felt that it just wouldn’t be right living with my other dogs and didn’t want to put the greyhound, the existing dogs or me under any unnecessary stress of trying to make it work. She assured me she’d find another potential match immediately!

Then, I got the best of news:

Tammara wrote: “Oh my have I got the dog for you! Sandy is just the cutest cuddly bear of a greyhound!!! She’s absolutely adorable! I love her to bits! She’s a little compact girl – not too tall, and built just nicely, with the sweetest little face! I’ve just had her running around the backyard with Charlie, our Bichon Frise, …she was totally unfussed with him climbing all over her! She’s sweet, I could go on for ages about how gorgeous she is!”

I was overjoyed. I just couldn’t wait to meet Sandy. After a long day of traveling, Sandy finally arrived in Malaysia in October and I was thrilled to bits. She is remarkably gorgeous! Cars driving by my house stop, get out and take photos of Sandy. Friends constantly stop by and they are all agog at how amazing she is! Sandy is just so beautiful, cuddly, sweet, perfect.

Tammara wrote to me the day Sandy flew in and said “Enjoy her! I’m sure I’ll end up travelling in Malaysia soon – would love to swing by and meet your tribe! And of course I’d love to see how Sandy fits in.”

And that’s exactly was happened last week as Tammara came to my house to meet me and see how well Sandy has adjusted. I was as impressed with Tammara and GAP as I was with Sandy. My friends who have adopted children told me that my adoption process was more efficient, more informative, more detailed and more professional than their adoption processes! Sandy is as happy as can be and she has adjusted so well because of the thought and effort put in before the adoption. Sandy is now best of friends with my 3 small papillions. She plays with my whippets and chases my salukis endlessly. Although she is cautious of my cocker spaniel and beagle (my senior dogs) she seems to have found her place in my household and the only down side to this whole thing is that she takes up way too much space on my already crowded bed. Before Sandy arrived I had two queen sized beds pushed together and I have had to add another bed to accommodate Sandy’s sprawling body. Where will I ever fit my next greyhound?

Karen Palko

Malaysia 2010

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TOMMY – Stud Poker

Dog Name

Hi Dana,

Just letting you know that Tommy is going very well. He's so beautiful and affectionate and so far so good, no probs. He is a very well behaved dog with a heart of gold!

He loves his daily walks and the opportunity to sniff any dog that passes by. I can’t believe how good he is on the lead, he never pulls and always walks at my pace, when I run he runs (well its more of a fast walk for him) and when I walk, he walks. He's great with other dogs too - well, actually he's a little indifferent of them once he's had a good sniff, but he's learning to play. He's also learning to fetch, at the moment he brings it back the first time, half way back the second time, a quarter of the way back the third time and so on. He'll get there!

He loves drinking straight from the bathroom tap! When we come back from walks, rather than going outside to his dog bowl he walks in to the bathroom, gets into the bath and waits for me to turn on the tap!

When I'm running on the treadmill he stands to the side and sticks his wet nose on the back of my leg with each step, for about the first 5 minutes, its very funny to watch.

He hasn't barked once, not once! He's also not a big licker which is good. He won’t sleep in the bed I got him though; instead he pulls the cushion onto the floor and sleeps there.


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DOLLY – Minnesota Doll

Dog Name

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with an absolutely fantastic dog, when we read all the testimonials from other greyhound owners and all the advantages of owning a greyhound on the web site we thought, ah we will take this with a pinch of salt as no dog could be as good as everyone was saying, we very quickly found out, all that was said was true and more. We never thought that we would take on a dog as old as Dolly and did have a few reservations but now she is here we love her to bits, she is such a pleasure to have in the house.

The first lesson we learned was to keep the pool gate closed she had just arrived and she was exploring the back yard, and took a big jump into the pool which was freezing, we had to more or less get in to pull her out.

Dolly has been great with our 2 year grandson she is so gentle and she is never bothered when he goes to sit by her, and so gentle when he gives her treats. Dolly has also settled in well with the 2 pesky Jack Russell's and I think she may have developed a personality problem and think she is a Jack Russell, as she tries to snuggle up in one of their beds. Compared to the terriers we have always had she is such a dream to have in the house. If she is given the chance she takes over the couch and drapes herself over it like the super model of the doggie world.

Dolly does LOVE her food she gets so excited in the morning and at night in anticipation for her walk but I do think it’s really for the food after the walk she gets excited about, she has made so many new friends on her walks both human and canine.

Dolly had her first social occasion last Sunday as we had a big family gathering and I must say Dolly was an angel, the food table was a huge temptation to her but she managed to resist helping herself, maybe the extra tip bits from some of the family helped there.

So once again thank you so much for the pleasure of having such a beautiful girl as our Dolly.

Hilda and Mike Rennie

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DEVIL – Very Frank

Dog Name

Hi Kerry,

Just letting you know that you're not having Devil back. He is Mummy's boy!

I know you've heard it all before on how wonderful they are.

Thank you so much for Devil words can't describe how happy I am with him. He is so spoiled but I just can't help it he just has to look at me with those big eyes and then his ears go up and I'm putty in his paws.

Lisa Kirk

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DESTINY - Crazy Critter

Dog Name

Hi Kerry,

After a long waiting for greyhound adoption, we've got Destiny (Crazy Critter) as our new family member.

We all agree that it is a worth waiting period for this beautiful angel. Since she moved into our house, there is no problem on how she behaves and it shows us how she's been trained just to live with us. She can get along well with all of our family members and she seems to be more attached to me and my girlfriend.

She just follows us everywhere when we are outside, in addition we can even walk anywhere without using the lead (if it is not prohibited by law) as she always walk beside us without anything to take her attention from us. In my opinion, she is the most wonderful and obedient dog we ever had (We had raised more than 15 dogs).

We would like to thank you for both of your and Tammara dedication for doing such a wonderful thing and thank you once again for sending such a wonderful gift from heaven to us. Please continue your job as I think it would be good for someone else to have a wonderful opportunities like me with the greyhound.

Regards, :D

Chayapon Chomchaiya (Boom)

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Dog Name


Dash (the dog formerly known as Lark) has settled into our household very well over the past fortnight. She has quickly learnt that our cat McLovin is the queen of the house and any discretions on Dash’s part will result in a swift slap to the face.

She spent her first few nights sleeping in the lounge room and quickly realized she could get away with sleeping on the couch when we weren’t in the room! It was quite funny to watch her jump off quick smart when I woke up in the morning and told her off. She now sleeps in with us as the cat appears to now tolerate her existence in the house and allows her to sleep in the bedroom.

My wife was a bit unsure about adopting a Greyhound at first due to their size and misconceptions about their nature and took a lot of convincing to even get to the adoption stage. However she is well and truly a Greyhound convert and loves Dash to bits!

She is a delight to walk but after about 45 minutes it all gets a bit too much for her and she falls straight to sleep when we get home.

Dash is an absolutely sensational dog, I couldn’t have hoped for a better companion animal. I’d like to thank both yourself and Tammara for setting us up with such a wonderful creature and for your tireless efforts in promoting such a lovely breed of dog!

Warm regards
Rangers, Parking & Community Safety

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Libby & Brenda

I’ve never known anyone with a greyhound, so the day I went to meet Libby was my first meeting with one. She was so gentle and just wandered over to me and stood pressed against my leg the whole time I was talking to her foster carer. So of course I was won over instantly!

She has really come out of her shell in the last six months and is a playful little imp, with so much joy and contentment in her that it’s just delightful having her around. Watching her pounce on her toys, with a waggle of her head, just like a little puppy, is really so gorgeous. She loves to entertain herself by flipping toys in the air from her mouth and then pouncing on them again. She’s thrilled to meet other people too and to wake up any house guests I have with her curious, wet nose poking their faces, hoping for a cuddle.

In the cooler weather she would wake me up in the morning with gentle tugs at the throw rug on my bed with her teeth. The excited look on her face when I opened my eyes was just hilarious. So nice to wake up with a smile. Libby also loves to laze around and doze for hours, and contort herself into amusing poses on the couch. She’s such easy company.

In the time I’ve had her I’ve met other greyhound owners and learned that Libby is a typical greyhound – she loves people, she’s sweet and gentle, sensitive and well behaved and a funny little monkey. So glad I adopted her!

Greyhounds as Pets have been very supportive through the whole process and it was great to see how much they care about the dogs they find homes for. They really found the perfect match for me!

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    Facts and Trivia

    Did You Know: In the USA greyhounds are rated in the Top 10 as most popular pets.

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