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Remember Tish our senior greyhound who found her loving home in April? She now lives on rural property in WA with an incredible family enjoying country life.

Tish’s new owner Robin says it was important to her that Tish became part of the family, joining them on outings and other little adventures. However for Tish, now 13-years-old and with only three legs this sometimes proved difficult.

Tish was finding it hard to keep up with her family on walks, especially as the rural block had hills so Robin set her mind to finding a solution.

“After a few days of carrying her back up the hill to our home when she was tired of walking. I decided she needed her own wheels,” Robin said.

“We modified a bike trailer that was originally designed to carry two toddlers, into Princess Tishy Tu’s custom chariot!”

“Now we can go exploring far and wide together. Tish walks as far as she can (which is a little more each day) and when she gets too tired she can simply sit back and relax.”

Robin didn’t stop there on her quest to Tish proof her property, her next mission was to tackle the stony paths.

“Some non-dog owners may think this a bit extreme but I don’t care, I have finally found the perfect solution for Tish’s sensitive little feet,” Robin said.

Robin says she tried booties and bandages to protect Tish’s paws from the rocky paths connecting the stables and workshops to the house but stopping to put shoes on the dog every time she wanted to go on an adventure became a tedious task, especially on a tri-pawed dog.

The solution? A carpeted speedway for easy access up and down the gravel paths!








“I phoned a local flooring place and asked what they did with all the old carpet that comes out of their jobs. They were more than happy to help and soon phoned to say they had some carpet for me,” Robin said.

“With a little help (well more of a hindrance really but great company) from Tish, Sunny and Kat the cat, I cut it all into strips and now everyone can walk in comfort.”

The addition to the property has been a huge success, both Tish and Sunny now run up and down the hill with excitement eager to explore and play.


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