Greyhounds as Pets WA Announces Adoption Month

Greyhounds as Pets WA (GAP) is encouraging people to become a greyhound’s next victory by adopting a four-legged companion this April for just $75, as part of Greyhound Adoption Month.

During the month of April, GAP will discount its adoption fee from $350 to $75, with all greyhounds vet checked, fully vaccinated, microchipped, sterilised, and ready for adoption.

Following the success of National Adoption Day in previous years, GAP is extending the opportunity to the entire month after attracting hundreds of potential adoptees and families in previous years and successfully finding available greyhounds their forever homes.

Renowned veterinarian and animal welfare advocate and president of the WA Division of the Australian Veterinary Association, Dr Garnett Hall, is the Western Australian GAP ambassador, and said greyhounds are the perfect companion animal.

“Greyhounds are gentle, sweet natured dogs who really enjoy human companionship, and are low maintenance pets that do not require much grooming. They are the professional athletes of the canine world, and this means that they have very few genetic health issues and are not predisposed many of the health problems that may affect dogs of a similar size,” Garnett said.

“Greyhounds don’t need vast amounts of space, in fact they thrive in urban spaces, are very adaptable and are equally suited to large properties, suburban homes, units and even apartments.”

“If you have been thinking of adding a greyhound into your life or your family, I encourage you to learn about them, get in contact with Greyhounds as Pets to meet them and take up this great opportunity during adoption month.”

Each Australian state will come together to support greyhound adoption and boost awareness of greyhounds as pets by holding an adoption day or month during April.

If people are interested in adopting a greyhound from GAP, they can complete an adoption application form via the GAP website.

Greyhounds will be matched to their new homes based on their individual needs, to ensure it’s the perfect fit for both the greyhound and their new family.

In a record time of less than two hours, 48 retired WA greyhounds found their new homes during the 2019 GAP National Adoption Day, with the event attracting over 220 potential adoptees.
For more information about adopting a greyhound or to complete an application form to adopt on our website.

16 Responses to “Greyhounds as Pets WA Announces Adoption Month”
  1. Krystina Robinson

    Good morning
    I am just enquiring about your Greyhound adoption.
    I have 3 kids 4.7 and 9
    My eldest is autistic and we have been looking for a dog that would suit him 😃

  2. Justine Boll

    My mum wants to get a dog and i think a greyhound would be perfect.

    Would it cope with her working 9-4pm?

    She would want a young one that is good with goods and bike riding\running?

    Do you have any in mind for her?


  3. Craig Bradley

    I have adopted a greyhoung in the passed from GAP however I had to say good bye to her a little while ago. I am ready to adopt another and I would like to meet some of your dogs.

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