Hi, I'm Angus

  • Male
  • 09/11/2017

I am tall, lanky model and to be honest, a bit of an accidental goofball! I just sometimes forget where my legs are and be a little all over the place. I am getting better at my spatial awareness but in the meantime could not live with children under 10years – I would hate to accidentally knock someone over. I do really enjoy having my humans for company so would need someone home most of the time as I adjust into a home. I could probably manage a couple of hours on my own for now but would benefit from a walk prior and enrichment given.

I did break my leg several months ago and it has healed really well and I’m not in any pain. I may occasionally limp after heavy exercise or on uneven ground but at this stage haven’t limped since coming to the GAP kennels. I am still quite unsure of smaller breeds of dog so would need these interactions managed as I settle into my new home. For this reason I would be better matched to medium/large breeds of dogs for now. Despite my slightly goofy ways I am a really sweet natured boy and can’t wait to find my forever family!

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