Hi, I'm Arthur

  • Male
  • 10/04/2021
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I absolutely ADORE people- some may say a little too much! I may only be a young lad, but I have no doubt that I will be the king of your world. Life is just SO exciting, pats send me into quite the quiver of excitement- and toys! Whoa…I mean I’m not sure what they’re for but I’m sure they’re great. The lovely folks here at GAP reckon I could live with about any breed of dog, so long as they were another playful sort like me. Human children sound like heaps of fun….though maybe they should be more like tweens as I get a bit bouncy at times. Overall, I’m just ready and raring to be at the center of my new family’s world, hopefully they’ve got lots of time to spend with me as I’d prefer they be home more often than not.

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