Hi, I'm Barney

  • Male
  • 19/12/2021
  • $200 AUD. $100 Seniors Card discount offered. Other variations may apply.
This greyhound can live with another canine friend.
This greyhound would prefer your companionship most of the time.
This greyhound would prefer to be the only dog in the home.
We believe this greyhound could cope without human company for six or more hours.
We believe this greyhound would cope well with children of five years and older.

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Barney is ready to make friends! Not quite as big as his namesake, but just as friendly and optimistic, Barney is searching for his forever family. This loveable guy really ticks so many boxes; cat tolerant, small dog social, suitable for kids five and over AND could manage six or more hours alone. There’s not much this guy can’t do! Any family would be lucky to call Barney their own. You’ll know when Barney is happy as he is known for classic greyhound teef chatters. He loves toys! But plays politely and knows how to “trade”. Barney would love to accompany his family on leisurely strolls around his new neighbourhood. Once or twice a day for around 20 minutes would be great.

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