Hi, I'm Beau

  • Male
  • 2 years old

Ooooooo just look at my photo! How handsome am I?! I think the person taking the photo really captured my good side … my good side of course being all of me!

What? You’re still reading? I thought for sure you would have hit the ‘Apply’ button as soon as you saw my handsome mug, oh well I guess I have to do a little more to persuade you.

I have a passion for toys and think it would be fun to start a collection. I enjoy playing with them very, very much so a home with slightly older children would be a better fit for me – I’d hate to chew a beloved bed-time bear! I think I’d be fine living as an only dog and actually would prefer it. It’s not that I don’t get on with other dogs, I do, it’s just that I prefer people.

So to wrap it up, love toys, great as an only dog and SUPER handsome … have you still not hit ‘Apply” yet? Seriously?

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