Hi, I'm Benny

  • Male
  • Three years old

I’m an affectionate boy and really love getting cuddles from my hoomans. If I had one wish I would ask for opposable thumbs so I could scratch myself behind the ear, gosh it just feels so good!

The team at GAP say I’m a good ‘all-rounder’, I’m not exactly sure what that means but I think it must be good! I get on well with the small dogs at GAP and love running around in the yard playing games. Having said that I think I could also be okay living as an only dog as long as my hoomans gave me lots of love and attention when they got home.

I am a pretty patient greyhound and think I would thrive in a family home. I’m not overly interested in toys so if you adopt me I shouldn’t have any issues resisting your child’s beloved teddy-bear.

What do you say? Keen to meet me?

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