Hi, I'm Blue

  • Male
  • 22/08/2019
This icon indicates that the greyhound prefers to be around children over the age of 5.

Scratches are LIFE, gimme a good rub down and cuddle and I’ll be your best bud for life! I’m very interested in toys, the ladies at GAP reckon I’m clever enough to pick up fetch in no time with some training. I’d be a great family dog for children- as I prefer my people to be around more often than not. So long as little ones remember to respect my personal space and give me a chance to settle in and figure out pet life – so over 8 years would probably be best. Another playful and easy going canine friend may offer good company and help show me the ropes- though it would be better if they be medium sized or above as I often forget my size when I’m excited 🙂

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