Hi, I'm Cassie

  • Female
  • 06/02/2016

I am a sweet natured girl who can be a little unsure at first of new situations, but I do adapt well, I just need to be able to do so in own time. I just need a quieter understanding home who will be patient with me and try not to force the love. Once I do get to know my people though I am very affectionate and love shadowing them around. I am not reliant on others for company so like the idea of being the only dog and think I could cope in a part- or full-time working household.

Since I do have that initially shy nature I would be better suited to living with older children (13years plus) as may find the games of younger children a little intimidating. I really am a sweet girl and would make a fantastic companion for someone looking for a homebody to share their lives with.

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