Hi, I'm Chowder

  • Male
  • 27/03/2020
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Who's up for a delicious Chowder?! Everyone surely?? I know i find humans SO exciting, I'll be by your side every chance I get :) My favourite things ever are cuddles and affection....though I do forget my size and spatial awareness sometimes so the GAP team feel it'd be better if any children are over 13 so I don't accidentally knock anybody over! Because I'm so fond of humans, I'd prefer a family who were home more often than not and were happy to help me work on my confidence in being apart from them from time to time- at the moment I'm a real velcro-hound! I could be the only pet in the home with a family around most of the time- or some doggy company might be fun, if they were playful and active like me. Medium-large breeds would be best, a big lad like me needs a comparative-sized playmate :)

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