Hi, I'm Clooney

  • Male
  • 18/02/2016

‘Make the ordinary extraordinary’.. Ring any bells? Yep that’s right I was named after my equally as handsome Nespresso ambassador George Clooney. I’m a rich and creamy dark brindle with a black streak and a roasted caramel undertone. If you need a Clooney in your life (and I mean who doesn’t) than I’m the dog for you!

I can be a little toy orientated so would need a family without young children who are happy to continue my training in that regard, but don’t worry the GAP staff will show you what to do! I think I would cope okay as the only dog and would love a home where someone is home more often.

As with all greyhounds I am a work in progress, I will still need further training, socialisation and maybe some management strategies to truly thrive in your home. The GAP team can provide you with lots of hints and tips to help me on my way but please be prepared to be patient and spend some time working with me.

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