Hi, I'm Corona

  • Female
  • 17/03/2016
This icon indicates that the greyhound prefers to be around children over the age of 5.
This icon indicates we believe this greyhound would cope of with a full time working family.
Don't be put off by the name- the only thing infectious about me is my winning personality! I'm a bubbly little soul, quite comfortable in my own company. Having said that though, with manners as good as mine, I could live with just about any breed of dog! Hopefully a new doggy friend would be polite and respectful like me, otherwise I'm sure I could manage a working household on my own with the right enrichment. A family with children would, I'm sure get a lot out of having me as their pet, though maybe the kids should be over 10 as I can be a little excitable once I'm accustomed to my environment.

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