Hi, I'm Dean

  • Male
  • 25/06/2015

As well as being a very handsome boy I have quite an endearing and unique personality. I can be a little unsure at first when meeting new people (in particular males) but it doesn’t take me long to make new friends, whether of the human or doggy kind. Because I can be a little unsure initially I wouldn’t be suitable living with younger children for now and would prefer any that share my home to be older than 10years. I do like knowing someone is around so could probably only manage being alone in a part time working situation for now (3-4hours max).

I would be find if I had another social dog for company though. I can be quite vocal when left completely alone but the GAP team will go through some behaviour techniques with you. I am getting better, it was just a learnt behaviour I had before coming to GAP.

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