Hi, I'm Donny

  • Male
  • 06/10/2013
This icon indicates this greyhound would prefer to live with another canine friend.
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Have you ever seen a greyhound born with a collar pattern around its neck? I bet you haven’t! My unusual markings certainly make me stand out from the crowd as does my gregarious outgoing personality. I act a lot younger than my five and a half years suggest and would be better suited to a household where I have another doggy friend for company.

I don’t mind what size as long as they’re social and patient enough to help me settle in. I have been living in foster care with a couple of children under 10 and have been on my best behaviour. My lead manners are still a work in progress but I know with a keen owner I’ll get the hang of walking nicely in no time.

Donny has spent time in a foster home so is ready for straight adoption.

As with all greyhounds I am a work in progress, I will still need further training, socialisation and maybe some management strategies to truly thrive in your home. The GAP team can provide you with lots of hints and tips to help me on my way but please be prepared to be patient and spend some time working with me.

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