Hi, I'm Fraser

  • Male
  • 03/12/2019
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My name is Fraser because I’m a classy type of man. I am also a soft-centered mellow boy, who loves to love people. Though I can take some time to come out of my shell, I would thrive with a family who would be happy to take things slow with me whilst I get to know you. Once I have bonded with my family, you really have got a friend in me and I will even smile at you. Toys are a a wee but scary at the moment, but I’m sure if my family took some time to show me what they are all about, I’m sure I’d love to play. An independent greyhound doggy friend would be great, as they could show me the ropes of pet life. Alternatively, I am quite an independent boy and therefore if given the right start, could comfortably live as an only dog with a full time worker. Children can be very unpredictable when they are younger, which is quite scary for me! Though, I could manage children 13+ whilst I am building my confidence. If you don’t mind giving me the time to settle in & build my confidence we could be the perfect team!

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