Hi, I'm Genius

  • Male
  • 01/01/2018

With a name like mine it’s no surprise that I’m known as a bit of ‘Cleverpants’ here at GAP. I am very food motivated you see so have jumped in absolute leaps and bounds with my general training and am on the lookout for a family to continue this with me. I am quite the homebody so would love to become a companion for someone with a similar disposition. I can get a little overwhelmed out and about so wouldn’t be suitable to those looking for a ‘café hound’ and would prefer a home where I can just shadow my family around and really be included in what’s going on at home.

I do think I could manage with periods of time up to 6hours alone for now and this could of course be gradually extended over time. I haven’t spent much time around children previously and with my initially shy nature I would prefer any that share my home to be older than 15years for now. I am a sweet boy and am on the lookout for somebody who’s missing the companionship of a four legged roommate.

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