Hi, I'm Grinch

  • Male
  • 15/1/2019
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I promise I wasn’t named after my well-known grumpy namesake as I am quite the opposite and can be a little too friendly when I meet people as I really want everyone to love me.  My very friendly nature means I could accidentally knock over little ones, so would be better with a more mature family 15 and over, whilst I am still learning as I am just a bit of a goofball and don’t really know I am large breed dog. Since I do love my people, I would prefer if my family were only away for part-time hours for now. Although I am a playful hound, I am not really sure what toys are all about yet, so I would love my family to teach me how to play with them!  Whilst I know my family would be looking for an active dog, I can be a little unsure initially so I would like an experienced family who are happy to let me settle in at my own pace.  Once I have settled I have all the quirky and fun-loving personality traits you could ever as for! Could I steal your heart this Christmas?

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