Hi, I'm Holly

  • Female
  • 7 years old

I’m slightly older than most of the dogs coming through GAP, but that doesn’t mean I’m boring! Far from it, I’m a loving, sweet, confident greyhound (even if I do say so myself).

When I was at the GAP Kennels the volunteers and staff always told me what a good girl I was, I think it’s because I walk so well on a lead. I really enjoy walks, I just don’t see the need to race off to reach a destination. I’d much rather take my time and enjoy the smells along the way.

I’m in an awesome foster home at the moment living with a Malamute who I just love! Truth be told I actually love all dogs and would really like my forever home to have a friend for me to spend time with. That being said, I think I would also be okay living as an only dog as long as I wasn’t left alone for too long.

I’ve heard there is a magical thing called ‘retirement’ where people get to stay home all the time! Wouldn’t that be great?! We could spend all day together!

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