Hi, I'm Itsy Bitsy

  • Female
  • 16/01/2021
  • $200 AUD. $100 Seniors Card discount offered. Other variations may apply.
This greyhound can live with another canine friend.
This greyhound would prefer your companionship most of the time.
We believe this greyhound could cope without human company for up to six hours.
We believe this greyhound is well suited to live with children of any age.

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This sweet little lady namesake is the well-known nursery rhyme, Itsy Bitsy Spider which is quite fitting as she would be a great companion for children of all ages. As a social, friendly and polite little girl, Itsy would thrive with another doggy friend of any shape or size. If Itsy went as an only dog, she could manage between three and six hours without human company. To help her with this she would need to be given enrichment and time to settle into her new routine. Itsy is active and playful and would enjoy some backyard playtime and one or two 20-minute walks per day. With some guidance, this little girl will blossom in her forever home.

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