Hi, I'm Karl

  • Male
  • 05/10/2019
  • $200 AUD. $100 Seniors Card discount offered. Other variations may apply.
This greyhound can live with another canine friend.
This greyhound would prefer to be the only dog in the home.
We believe this greyhound could cope without human company for six or more hours.
We believe this greyhound would be suited to live with children of eight years and older.

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This sweet noodle wins everyone over with his gorgeous face. A case a book matching its cover, Karl is a sweet and friendly boy who can’t wait to be everyone’s best friend. Sure to be the social butterfly of his new neighbourhood, Karl is an easy-going fellow. Karl could join the home of a polite medium or larger resident canine, and children over nine years old. Karl as this self-occupying stuff down pat and can manage six or more hours without human company provided, he is given enrichment and training. Karl would love to do one or two 20-minute daily tours of the neighbourhood with his humans.

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