Hi, I'm Milky

  • Male
  • Three years old

Do you like my coat? I bet you can guess what chocolate I was named after … yes, you guessed it a Milky Bar! I’m just like a Milky Bar actually, you know … smooth and sweet! Haha!

Okay, let me see … what can I tell you about me?

I’m three-years-old and love to play! I enjoy going for walks and my leash manners are improving every day. I really love toys and will often throw them around the yard entertaining myself,┬áthe GAP staff are always laughing at my silly antics. Because I love toys so much I think I would be better in a household with no kids, I’d hate to take a toy that didn’t belong to me!

I think I’d be happy enough living as either an only dog or with another dog to keep me company. What really matters to me is having a loving hooman to give me attention and cuddles! Would you like to be my hooman?

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