Hi, I'm Ninja

  • Male
  • 21/12/18
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Pow! Pow! Only joking, I’m a lover not a fighter and I sure do have all the love to give! My perfect home would be with people who have time to spend with me at home or a busier household where I get to be part of all my families adventures. I bet you’d absolutely love to see the way I fling my toys in the yard, it’s one of my favourite endearing qualities that I want to show off. Whilst I do need someone home more often then not whilst things are still new for me, with the right training I could get more comfortable being home a little longer. If you have a dog, I would love to join your household, since I am an active dog and can sometimes forget my size, it would be best for any companions to be medium or larger sized. If I was to have a doggy friend, I think I could potentially be okay home with them for 3-4hrs. Since I can be a bit of a goof, children who are a little older would best help me continue with my manners training, so children over 10 please!

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