Hi, I'm Possum

  • Female
  • 24/12/2017

I am as sweet and shy as a nocturnal possum and would prefer a calmer, quieter household. I gain confidence from other dogs and have certainly bonded to the other greyhounds here at GAP and am happy to follow their lead so ideally would love a home with another social dog.

Alternatively if my home had someone there more often I think I’d like that as well as I do become quite attached to someone when I get to know them. I am an absolute sweetheart when I get to know you but can take a little longer to adjust to new situations.

As with all greyhounds I am a work in progress, I will still need further training, socialisation and maybe some management strategies to truly thrive in your home. The GAP team can provide you with lots of hints and tips to help me on my way but please be prepared to be patient and spend some time working with me.

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