Hi, I'm Ruby

  • Female
  • 03/03/2016
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Ruby is known as the stone of nobility, so I guess that means I am the greyhound of nobility, with the soft grey dusting on my nose. Not only that, but I am also considered “the best of all the gems”. I have taken my name to heart and would absolutely love to find a home where I am treated like nobility and doted on by my humans who would be ideally home most of the time. Whilst I am still finding my feet, I would prefer that my family were quiet and soothing, so children over 13 would be my choice so they can appreciate how precious I am. I could also share my mind with another confident doggy friend who could show me the ropes, but they would need to be medium- large in size & tolerant. Rubies are also considered lucky and I can agree anyone would be lucky to have me as their new family member!

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