Hi, I'm Rumpus

  • Male
  • 22/12/2019

I am anything but a ‘rumpus’ I promise! I have a quiet nature and tend to engage quicker with males rather than females. In general, it can take me a while to gain confidence in a new environment so I would do best with an experienced home who are willing to take things slowly with me as I settle in and adjust. I am more of a ‘people dog’ than a ‘dog dog’ so would prefer a household where someone is home most of the time but I do think I can manage periods of up to 2hours on my own for now. It helps that I enjoy high value treats such as sausage or chicken so can keep myself busy when left alone for short periods.

Because of my shy nature I could easily become overwhelmed by a resident dog or children so think I would do best as the only dog for now and go to a child-less home. I love the idea of being a ‘homebody’ and joining a family just looking for someone to chill out with around the home and to become their permanent and loyal shadow.

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