Hi, I'm Sherry

  • Female
  • 01/01/2016

I am an energetic girl but due to a previous leg injury I do need any exercise to be well managed and controlled. I am a very sweet girl with a ‘go gettem’ attitude who would need to be part of an inclusive family as she loves to be included. I am still learning how to interact appropriately with small dogs (and that they aren’t terrifying) so would be best with larger dogs as my socialisation training continues.

While my leg is now healed I can be a little tender on it sometimes so wouldn’t be suited to a household with younger children in case they accidentally hurt my leg.

As with all greyhounds I am a work in progress, I will still need further training, socialisation and maybe some management strategies to truly thrive in your home. The GAP team can provide you with lots of hints and tips to help me on my way but please be prepared to be patient and spend some time working with me.

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