Hi, I'm Smokey

  • Male
  • 23/8/2017
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Holy smokes! That’s right my name is Smokey and once I get to know you, I’ll be your friend for life! Y’know the best way to make friends with me? SNACKS! I love snacks. Children might be good playmates for me but they would have to be over 13 and understanding of the fact that I might be a little unsure and need my space respected if I take some quiet time to reflect on my new surroundings. I would love to work on my confidence with my new family, and I think this would be easiest for me if my routine was set for a little while so that things are a little more predictable. I would prefer to be the only dog in the house so that I get all the time to love on my family as I am very affectionate. I promise I have all the love to give is my family was willing to wait for me to bond! Whilst I am getting used to my new life, I would love to have someone home more often to ease my uncertainty. I will pay you back with love and affection once I get to know you! Snap me up before a disappear in a puff of smoke.



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