Hi, I'm Sooty

  • Female
  • Four years old.

Can you guess how I got my name? That’s right, it’s because of my beautiful soft soot coloured coat! I also have the cutest ears where one tends to pop up while the other flops forward – apparently it makes me ‘adorable’. I did have an accident where I broke my back leg, it’s all healed now but while it’s still getting better I do limp on and off. It doesn’t hurt me but would be something my new family would need to be aware of going forward. I hope it doesn’t turn people off adopting me though because I am a really sweet girl. Because of this I do have a ‘special adoption price’ as GAP just wants to find me my ‘furever’ home. I think I would prefer if my forever home would have another medium to large sized dog I could hang out with as I do like the company of my canine friends but would need one who could play with me gently.

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