Hi, I'm Sweetheart & T-Bar

  • Female

T-Bar: “Looking for an instant wolf pack? Look no further! We’ve been together since birth and would love to be re-homed as a bonded pair!”

Sweetheart: “We’ve had a pretty interesting life and have lots of experience visiting nursing homes as Therapy Dogs, so if that’s your thing we’d be a great match!”

T-Bar: “We’ve spent most of our life living with Silky Terriers so we get on great with small dogs, we’ve also met a lot of different people so new situations really do’t phase us.”

Sweetheart: “Our personalities really complement each other, my friend T-Bar is bigger than me and is really laid back honestly nothing bothers her at all. I’m a bit more out-going I think and have a confident streak.”

T-Bar: “And by confident she means sassy!”

Sweetheart: “Yes, well maybe! We’ve also had all our vetwork done and we are ready to meet our forever family!!”

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