Hi, I'm Tinker

  • Female
  • Five years old.

Now I’ve heard people remark on how similar my personality is to my fairy namesake. Not the jealousy part but more I can be quite enthusiastic with whatever emotion I am feeling at that time and am easily distracted (by flies, wind, other dogs, toys, butterflies… anything if you get my drift!). For my age I am quite youthful so would suit a family after a more active dog (in true greyhound fashion I still sleep a lot!) and I would love a medium to large sized doggy friend to continue my socialisation.

My lead manners are small but mighty and I will need further training to help me learn that pulling isn’t all that fun for anyone involved (maybe I should have been a sled dog?)

As with all greyhounds I am a work in progress, I will still need further training, socialisation and maybe some management strategies to truly thrive in your home. The GAP team can provide you with lots of hints and tips to help me on my way but please be prepared to be patient and spend some time working with me.

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