Hi, I'm Turbo

  • Male
  • 02/03/2020
This icon indicates that the greyhound prefers to be around children over the age of 5.
This icon indicates we believe this greyhound would cope of with a part time working family.

I’m an independent lad, the sort who appreciates a good sniff around the yard but really puts on the gas when I’m around humans, they are my FAVOURITE. I can get a little silly in my enthusiasm for people and I find loud noises a bit unnerving so it would be better if any children were over 8 years old and able to understand that I’m going through a big period of change in my life right now. I’d like a quiet, preferable part-time working hour home who are happy to work with me on all things pet-related and really watch me blossom. If there were another easy going canine companion (medium sized or larger) that may help to show me the ropes and manage longer working hours.

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