Hi, I'm Willow

  • Female
  • 2 years old

I’m a really sweet natured greyhound who loves cuddles and, if you will let me, a few little kisses!

I have given a lot of thought to my forever home, after all it’s important to set your dreams high! I think I would really like a home with another dog for company. While living at GAP I met all kinds of other dogs and really, really wanted to play with them all. Big or small it doesn’t matter to me, I’m just interested in a friend who wants to have a little play before settling down for a cuddle.

I enjoy spending time with people and think I’d like it if my new owner was home more often than not. I am on the larger side for a female greyhound – not fat, just tall! Actually it’s all in the legs so you could say I’m just like a model … yes, I would be okay with that reference.

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