Welcome to Greyhounds as pets

Gentle and well mannered, greyhounds thrive on human companionship and form bonds quickly. Greyhounds require very little exercise; they’re more likely to want to curl up for a snooze in the sun than run around the yard all day. All our greyhounds are temperament assessed and issued a green collar meaning they can be in public without a muzzle.

Each greyhound that enters our program completes a 4-6 week period in foster care so they can get used to life as a pet and the rhythms of a home environment. The staff at Greyhounds As Pets will work with you to ensure that the dog you receive will fit in well with your individual home and family.

Greyhounds As Pets WA (GAP) is a program of Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA). Our mission is to promote, encourage and facilitate greyhound pet ownership to the wider community through the provision of safe, healthy greyhounds to homes throughout Western Australia.

Racing and Wagering WA is committed to ensuring that the best levels of care are given to greyhounds throughout all stages of their lives, through a program of investment, education, monitoring and regulation. When a greyhound retires from the racing industry, at any age, RWWA will aim to achieve every healthy and behaviourally sound Greyhound being rehomed.

For Green Collar Assessment information please contact GAP on 9445 5399 or email gap@rwwa.com.au

Greyhounds As Pets is proudly funded by Greyhounds WA and Racing and Wagering Western Australia