About the green collar and muzzle

People are often unsure what the muzzle means and which greyhounds should wear them but we can assure you a muzzle does not necessarily mean aggression. Anyone who has ever met a greyhound will tell you how sweet natured they are and what wonderful pets they make.

Following Western Australian Government amendments to the Dog Act 1976, pet greyhounds are no longer required to wear muzzles in public. This is great news but, although muzzles are no longer a legal issue, the process at Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) links the muzzle coming off with the green collar going on. When a dog wears one of our green collars, it shows they have been through a comprehensive assessment by trained animal behaviourists.

The GAP program is the only one in Western Australia able to grant green collar status to a dog following behavioural assessment. Our dedicated animal behaviourists also use their canine expertise and knowledge to help greyhounds adjust from life as an athlete to life as a pet.

A tailored plan is created to suit the individual needs of each greyhound, including a period in foster care to get accustomed to being a pet. This helps to ensure that when you adopt a greyhound from GAP it will make a great pet and a wonderful addition to your family.

Does my greyhound have to wear a muzzle?

If you are fostering a greyhound or fostering with the view to adopt you will be issued a wire muzzle. Until you have officially adopted your greyhound and have received a green collar from GAP, your greyhound is required to wear the muzzle in public – this includes when on walks.

Once green collar status has been granted, you may still wish to leave the muzzle on when introducing your greyhound to other pets, children or new environments – such as a busy dog park. Rest assured your dog is used to wearing one, it does not hurt and they can drink normally while wearing it.

Non GAP greyhounds

If you adopted your greyhound from one of the other greyhound rehoming agencies in WA or direct from an owner or trainer, your dog can still go through the green collar assessment.

Contact GAP if you would like your greyhound to be booked in to have a green collar assessment or for further information


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