Greyhounds as Pets WA (GAP) is the industry-run program responsible for assessing, fostering and re-homing retired racing greyhounds in Western Australia. We are also involved in the education of the wider community on the benefits of greyhound pet ownership.

GAP is committed to continually improving the program.

Pre-assessment process

Prior to the day

Contact us via phone on 9445 5399 or email to book a pre-assessment. We will ask for your greyhound’s registered race name when booking a pre-assessment.

A greyhound must have a minimum of 14 days from its last race before presentation to GAP for a pre-assessment.

On the day

Please bring the following:

  • Greyhound(s) to be pre-assessed – clean and flea free.
  • Race papers/ID card.
  • Original C5 vaccination certificate, if available.
Ways to prepare your greyhound prior to GAP pre-assessment
  • Introduce him/her to other dogs, especially different breeds and sizes, under controlled circumstances. When doing so, please ensure your greyhound is muzzled and on a lead.
  • Introduce him/her to unfamiliar people and children (always supervised).
  • Have the greyhound spend time loose in a backyard environment, and in the house with different surfaces, such as floor boards, tiles and stairs.
  • Have the greyhound walking nicely on lead by your side in a variety of environments, such as on a street, past your local school, or near a shopping centre.
  • Decrease his/her exercise requirements and adjust daily routine. Most adopting families will not wake up at 4:30am to walk their dogs.
  • Some greyhounds can lose a little weight when they are desexed. To compensate for this, consider increasing your greyhound’s diet just prior to rehoming.

If you have any questions about the pre-assessment process or entering your greyhound into the GAP program please call us on 9445 5399.

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