A dog wearing a green collar issued by Greyhounds as Pets WA is showing the world they have been through a comprehensive behaviour assessment and can be out in the community with confidence.

GAP welcomes the Western Australian Government’s changes to the Dog Act 1976 which mean pet greyhounds no longer need to wear muzzles in public but continues to do the behaviour assessments which are a vital part of our program for supporting greyhounds through the transition from racing to life as pets.

GAP is the only training organisation in Western Australia able grant green collar status to dogs. In addition to the assessments, our dedicated animal behaviourists use their expertise to help greyhounds adjust to life in an everyday home.

A tailored plan is created to suit the individual needs of each greyhound, including a period in foster care. This helps to ensure that when you adopt a greyhound from GAP it will make a great pet and a wonderful addition to your family.

Additionally, all greyhounds re-homed through GAP have had a recent dental treatment, are sterilized, wormed, vaccinated and microchipped.

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