About Greyhounds as pets

Many greyhounds become available for adoption each year, however not enough people are interested in having them as pets purely because they do not understand that the greyhound is a very warm, affectionate and loyal companion animal.

The greyhound by law is required to wear a muzzle when in a public place. Due to this they are often perceived as being hostile - this couldnít be further from the truth. The greyhound is actually a non-aggressive animal with a very gentle disposition.

Through a more positive reputation, the Greyhounds As Pets Adoption Program hopes to increase and improve the publicís awareness and desire to care for these animals in a loving family environment once their racing careers have finished.

All greyhounds in the program are sterilized, wormed, vaccinated and microchipped. An adoption fee exists only to cover the costs of the associated veterinary expenses.

Most importantly a greyhound will give you as much, if not more affection than it receives.

USA and UK and have also been running very successfully in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. Greyhounds As Pets is a member body of the Greyhound Adoption Program Australasia.

With the support of those dedicated to the welfare of animals, GAP can improve the image of these sleek, athletic dogs and find loving homes that will bring happiness to both the owners and pets.

Facts and Trivia

Did You Know: Greyhounds are one of the oldest pure breeds of dog and appear in art and literature throughout history. They were originally bred as hunting companions and have been associated with royalty for many centuries and generally long been held in high esteem.