Dogs Available

In addition to the dogs listed below there are another 170 greyhounds waiting to enter the program.

As a general rule people seem to prefer adopting female greyhounds. Why? We have no idea! Please consider the gorgeous boys on the list as they're just as affectionate, cuddly and lovable and also make wonderful pets.

Are you sure you're ready to adopt? Read our adoption information pack first to answer all of your questions.

As soon as the Greyhounds As Pets Team receives your application we will start looking for the right match for you. On receipt of your application, we treat every application as a if you have read the adoption information pack and are ready to receive your new family member immediately.

If you are going away, or need to fix your fencing before adopting your dog or have some other factor inhibiting your ability to collect your new dog straight away, please tell us in your application when you are actually ready to collect your dog, as sometimes, you might get get a call much sooner than you expect! That way, we can plan your adoption for when you are ready to collect your new family member.

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Facts and Trivia

Did You Know: During King Canute’s reign in the 11th Century the law stated that no “mean person” was allowed to keep a greyhound, and the penalty for breaking this law was death.