Going Away?

Kennels We Would Suggest

Greyhounds As Pets use the following kennels -

Whispering Palm Kennels
17 D'Rayne Glade
Nambeelup Park 6210
9581 8434

Pampered Pooch

660 Warton Road
9397 0418

Morrone Kennels
41 Matison Street
Southern River
0430 107 699

Others that we can recommend are -

West Coast Pet Care
Adams Road
9306 2767

Top Gunn Kennels
Furley Road
Southern River
Run by Jayson Gunning
0407 996 214

Judy Powell Boarding Kennels
3 Hatch Court
9398 9648
0417 955 786

Facts and Trivia

Did You Know: Greyhounds are one of the oldest pure breeds of dog and appear in art and literature throughout history. They were originally bred as hunting companions and have been associated with royalty for many centuries and generally long been held in high esteem.