The retired racing greyhound makes a wonderful, affectionate pet. Contrary to some misguided beliefs, these dogs are not highly strung, nor are they at all aggressive. They are in fact very calm, docile and loyal animals.

The nature of the racing industry means that during their racing life Greyhounds are exposed to many different and unfamiliar people and plenty of other greyhounds. They adapt very quickly to different situations meaning that their transition from racing greyhound to retired pet usually happens very smoothly.

A very strong trait of the Greyhound is its desire and need for human contact. Owners of pet companion greyhounds constantly comment on their “second shadow”. The Greyhound seems most content when sitting on the couch beside you with their long elegant head nestled snugly in your lap.

Facts and Trivia

Top Reason #8 to Adopt: They truly know the meaning of retirement.