Hi, I'm Annie

  • Female

I may be a small greyhound, but I wasn’t called ‘Fired up Fun’ for no reason! In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m pure energy in greyhound form!

I really like to run and play in the exercise yards and I just looovve playing with the friendly volunteers. I’m yet to find a toy I don’t enjoy chasing and I even catch a few every now and then! If you don’t have a big yard that would still be okay with me, I also really like walks. It’s so interesting to see new sights and smell new scents!

Please don’t be intimidated by my love of play. Once I’ve had a good zoomie I’m as happy as any other grey to chill with you for some quality cuddles. In fact, that’s something else I love CUDDLES! I’ve just left GAP to spend some time with a wonderful foster carer. I’ll be ready for my new home in a few weeks, but just to play it safe pop in an application for me now!

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