Pampered Pooch Playgroup

Where: Pampered Pooch Motel
660 Warton Road
When: 2 pm - 4 pm
First Sunday and third Sunday of the month*
Cost: $5 per dog
Coordinator:  Taffy Jones, 0412 063 146
New dogs: If you are attending for the first time please call the Playgroup Coordinator two days prior to the playgroup meeting.

* unless advised by coordinator of any cancellation.

Bunbury Playgroup

Where:  Bunbury Speedway
When: 2 pm - 4 pm
One Sunday every month*
Cost: $5 per dog
Coordinator:  Susan Wells, 0439 919 165

* unless advised by coordinator of any cancellation. Please contact coordinator for next playgroup session.

Playgroup Rules

  • Greyhounds only
  • All greyhounds MUST BE MUZZLED while running
  • $5 per dog (Proceeds after costs go to GAP)
  • GAP Foster dogs run FREE
  • All owners please PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG
  • Discretion of the Playgroup Coordinators will determine the number of greyhounds running together at any one time
  • Any dogs waiting a turn to run must be KEPT ON LEAD The rules are there to help create a safe enjoyable environment for everyone
  • All dogs run at your own risk and GAP accepts no responsibility for any incident.

Heat Policy

The Greyhounds As Pets Heat Policy applies to ensure for the welfare of your greyhound in the summer heat. Please read it here.

Facts and Trivia

Did You Know: After the invention of the mechanical lure by O.P.Smith in 1912, Greyhound racing as we know it today began in Tulsa Okalahoma in 1920.