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In a Foster-to-Adopt model your greyhound will have passed its Green Collar Assessment, but will not have spent much (if any) time in a home environment. In this option you act as the foster carer for a period of four weeks, helping your greyhound transition to home life. After four weeks has passed we process the adoption.

The Foster-to-Adopt model is a great option for people new to greyhounds and wanting to see if a greyhound will suit their family. It is almost a “try before you buy” model and during the foster period we supply everything you need for your greyhound and only process the adoption fee after the four week foster period. Foster-to-Adopt is also a great option for people wanting to start training their greyhound from day dot.

Note: While your greyhound is in foster and until you have physically received your Green Collar from GAP your greyhound will be required to wear a muzzle when in public.

You are able to download a copy of the comprehensive manual all adoptees receive as part of the adoption process here.


The following outlines the steps for our Foster to Adopt option:

  1. Fill in the online application which tells us everything we need to know about you and your lifestyle.
  2. Wait patiently as we match you to a greyhound most suited to your family.
  3. Your greyhound comes vaccinated, microchipped and vet checked. Greyhounds in foster care can be booked into one of our supporting vet clinics to be de-sexed. GAP covers all costs associated with this vet visit.
  4. As a foster carer, you will receive dry dog food, lead, collar, worming treatment and a comprehensive document outlining your greyhounds’ history and personality
  5. If you decide the greyhound is not the right fit for your family during the four week foster period you can return it to our kennels or try a different greyhound that may be more suited.
  6. The adoption will be processed after the four week period. Our adoption fee is $350.
  7. Green Collar issued.
  8. GAP will provide you with a high level of support both during and after the adoption, with access to our Animal Behaviourist if needed.
  9. Should the situation arise where you need to find your greyhound a new home, regardless of the amount of time passed since the adoption, please contact GAP for assistance. GAP is committed to ensuring that the greyhound has a suitable home for the entirety of its life.

Foster to Adopt Application Form

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