Hi, I'm Cow

  • Male
  • 06/06/2020
  • From 1 to 31 May our adoption fee is $75. Please see Terms & Conditions for details."
This greyhound can live with another canine friend.
This greyhound would prefer your companionship most of the time.
We believe this greyhound could cope without human company for up to three hours.
We believe this greyhound would be suited to live with children of eight years and older.

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You only need to take one look at his markings to see how Cow got his name! An absolute sweety Cow just loves playing with you and his toys. Affectionate, friendly and social, Cow would learn quickly from a medium or larger resident dog. Cow would also enjoy the company of children over nine years of age. Currently Cow prefers to be around his people but could manage up to three hours alone. This could be increased with training and enrichment. He would enjoy a 20 minute walk around the neighbourhood once or twice a day.

Vaccinated ✅ Microchipped ✅ Desexed ✅ Behaviourally Assessed 

Bonded Pair Potential:

Are you wanting to kick start your greyhound addiction with a bonded pair? We may have the ‘hounds for you! Cow and Espresso are currently with the dedicated students at South Metro TAFE. They are spending lots of time together and so may be ready to join the same new home in June, when their time in foster is complete. Submit your Adoption Application today to be first in line for this handsome couple.

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