Hi, I'm Mervyn

  • Male
  • 7/01/2022
  • From 1 to 31 May our adoption fee is $75. Please see Terms & Conditions for details."
This greyhound can live with another canine friend.
This greyhound would prefer your companionship most of the time.
This greyhound would prefer to be the only dog in the home.
We believe this greyhound could cope without human company for up to six hours.
We believe this greyhound would be suited to live with children of eight years and older.

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Meet your new furry best friend Mervyn! Goofy Mervyn is ready to be a loyal companion to a new furever family with kids aged over nine. Friendly and playful Mervyn would also be a good canine companion for existing family dogs, from small to tall. Mervyn is also happy to be left on his own for up to six hours which may increase with time. Take Mervyn for a daily 20 minute stroll and he’ll thank you with a wagging tail and endless love!

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