GAP Graduates – Cece

Citrus was a team favourite when she was down here at GAP. In April, she joined Nicolie and was renamed Cece! These days, this sweet lady spends her days going for walks and watching TV (which sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us!). She’s the luckiest gal in her new furever home. We recently checked in with how she’s been.

“She’s great! Quirky, but we like that!” said Nicolie. “She’s very smoochy too. She’s earned the nickname ‘Fruit Bat’ because of her toothy smirk when when you scratch just the right spot. Loves her walks, particularly at Hyde Park” She really loves watching TV, like really loves it. Her favourite show is The Dog House, followed by the HBF ad with the quokkas!

Cece is a real gem and we are happy to know that she’s in a home that loves and cherishes her.



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